We wore these Playdoh costumes to the Rugby Sevens 2011 in Wellington, New Zealand which is a huge dress up event that 40,000 people in costumes go to. It is very hard to have an original costume but this Play-Doh Group Costume did the trick.

These costumes were easy to make and took us about half a day to sew all five together. They also weren’t that expensive, the most pricy part was the screen printing. To make these costumes we used material washing baskets (which we cut the bottom out of) as the structure and they were flexible, so were easy to sit in and super comfy. We sewed the yellow material to the washing baskets and we used ribbons for straps that matched the colors of our tops.

For the playdoh logo we got an image off the internet screen printed onto white material, which we then sewed to the costumes.