My 3 boys, age 4 and almost 2 year old twins, wanted to be pirates this year. I decided to go with a Homemade Pirate, Captain Hook, and Smee Costume with Pirate Ship. To make the costumes and ship, I combined ideas I used on this site and other photos form the internet.

Pirate : Store-bought from Goodwill for $6.

Captain Hook:
Jacket: I found a Santa Claus jacket at Goodwill for 75 cents. I cut the fur collar off the top and wrapped wide gold ribbon around the fur trim everywhere else and applique-stitched it on.
Shirt: I bought white ruffle from a fabric store and tacked it on a white turtleneck in 5 layers
Belt: I bought wide black elastic and made a belt. The buckle is just yellow felt.
Hat: I spray painted an old cowboy hat red and stuck a white feather in it.
Shoes: Black dress shoes

I found a 6-9 month onesie, cut the bottom off and used leftover fabric from the pirate ship sail to cover up the original embroidery on it. The pants are also 6-9 month size, and the red hat is an infant sized hat.

I used the sides of 1 ½ medium sized moving boxes to make the frame. I attached it to the wooden wagon using yarn (next time I would definitely use something stronger – it held up but I had to be pretty cautious.) I then covered the boxes in “Red Barn Wood” fabric I found at a fabric store. I used a staple gun to attach it.

I made the waves with the tops of the same boxes. First, I cut out the wave shape, then I used tissue paper squares in 3 shades of blue, crumpled them up, and glued them on. I then hot glued the waves onto the ship. To make the sail, I used 2 Dowell rods, wrapped and stapled the sail fabric to each (horizontally). I then hot glued the sail to yet another Dowell rod (vertically), and hot glued that to a wider board. I would suggest gluing some sort of narrow tube to the ship and then putting the sail in there when you need it as this was quite difficult to transport in any vehicle.

If the sail could be removed, it would have been much easier. The crows nest is an old planter I spray painted brown, and I used old rope to add some detail. I stained all the rods and wood once everything was put together.

This was a lot of fun to do and I know my boys really enjoyed it – it was easier than taking them in and out of a stroller at each house. I hope my suggestions were helpful!