So, last Halloween my daughter wanted to be Pippy Longstockings.   Yay!  I loved the show when I was a kid so I was quite thrilled to get started helping her get the costume together.   We bought the blue jumper at a thrift store and I went to our local dollar store to buy squares of brightly colored felt for the patches, which I cut to different sizes and hand sewed on her jumper.

I then went out and bought the same style knee socks in different colors, so Pippy could wear one of each color.   I remembered that my nephew used to collect stuffed monkeys when he was younger, so we borrowed one from him to use as Mr. Nilsson.   That little detail really went over great!   To make Pippy braids, I first braided her hair, and then wrapped a couple of pipe cleaners around her braids, starting from her scalp to the ends of the braids.   Spray-in hair color from the dollar store was used to give her reddish hair (on the actual Halloween night, we used orange colored spray).   I managed to find the black ankle boots at a thrift shop.

And voila, Pippy Longstockings complete with her friend, Mr. Nilsson.