Loving Pokemon as a kid, my boyfriend had the idea of this costume. Everything was pretty simple and a few things were handmade.

For Pikachu:

I wore my own black denim shorts and flip flops. For the shirt, I bought a yellow tank top from Walmart ($7). I made the tail with felt, hot glue and toilet paper. I drew a lightening bolt-like tail on yellow felt and folded it over so I cut out two pieces of the same shape. I then cut out two pieces of brown felt in the shape of the bottom part of the tail I just made out of yellow. Then with a hot glue gun I glued the brown felt to the bottom of the yellow. Then I glued one side of the yellow shape to the other and stuffed toilet paper as I went. Continue gluing until finished.

I then cut out two long oval shapes of brown and glued those to the back of the yellow tank top. (Felt cost about $5 for half yard of yellow and 1/4 yard of brown). For the ears, I bought a thin black headband at Target ($3). I then cut out triangle-like ears with yellow felt and then wrapped the tips of them in black after gluing them shut with hot glue and stuffing them with toilet paper, like the tail. I hot glued the ears to the headband.To attach the tail to the tank top I safety pinned it in three places on the inside of the tank top. I painted by cheeks red with face paint I had.

Total spent: $15

For Ash:

My boyfriend wore jeans and tennis shoes he already had. We bought a white short sleeve button up from Goodwill for $4. We also bought a blue windbreaker for $4. We bought a red hat from Michael’s for $2 and a small Styrofoam ball for the Pokeball, which was $2. I cut the sleeves off the windbreaker and then glued yellow circles on the top like Ash’s vest and then lined the bottom with yellow felt. I painted the symbol on the hat with white, black and green paint. I also painted the Pokeball with black and red paint.

Total spent: $12