I made this piggy bank costume for my son with a little help from a friend.

“Having won several contests in the past it is my sole determination
to continue the history for the present.” – Gynelle Cherry

As the single mother of a beautiful 5 year old boy I had my wits and tricks up my sleeve to save the day on Halloween. Well with the considered preparation and lots of work I pulled off what would be the best costume ever. I can’t take all the credit for it. I had some help from a friend that is now known as my husband. I figured he would have thrown in the towel after I asked for help on this daunting Halloween project. No. He even finished it when I dosed off the night before the contest. Waking up to your dreams is truly amazing.

I came up with the idea searching the web for what hasn’t been created. Combining surfing the web and my brainwaves I was sure to find the perfect 10. My son (Brayden) will become the first ever piggy bank. Not just a piggy bank but an undercover quarter joining his long lost buddies in the piggy tank. Sounds ridiculous I know, but at least you weren’t the boyfriend being asked to make this crazy idea.

Without further ado we established an idea for the frame and the cover for the frame. After watching paper mache for days we began our first experience with what looked to be easy, but was in fact incredibly time consuming.

After the chicken wire paper mache frame was covered and painted we established a large hole on the top and bottom for inserting the child. The pig gently rests on Brayden’s shoulders with padding and securing straps.

On the back side of the top hole is a partial silver circle painted quarter missing the president, instead replaced by Brayden’s facial profile. Wearing plain jeans and a Sponge Bob t-shirt with a silver neck, face and sprayed wig, Brayden would look ridiculous if it wasn’t for the pig to save the day. Now with a quarter on the way to join the collective piggy currencies did this change your mind on what you will be this year? Stay creative.