My daughter and I were at McDonald’s in the drive thru waiting for our food a few years back (yes it took them that long, its all cold now!) and she told out of nowhere that she was scared to death of frickin’ clowns. (Ronald McDonald was hanging out inside, ya see.) So I thought to myself “She’s been a bit of a brat lately. Not doing homework and keeping her room clean, talking back, not getting along with my girlfriend, etc… its time to teach her a lesson.”

I started researching online everything I would need for a Homemade Pennywise Clown Costume, I bought the DVD, watched it over and over again for inspiration (and to get his mannerisms down right), found a contact lens dealer who altered them to my specs, found teeth, went shopping in NYC for the shoes, wig and makeup. My coworker Pat used to make costumes for the Supremes, and she made her son a very convincing Spider-Man costume when he was little, so I showed her pics I had printed out from the movie and go “Can you make this??” A week later she showed me she could.

I’ve won numerous costume contests, scared the hell outta patrons in Walmart while looking for PoliGrip to keep my dentures in, oh yeah and my daughter screams at the top of her lungs when I mention putting it on again for old times sake. I hear they are doing the movie over again, I hope they pick me to star!