Being I am a hairdresser, I often get inspired by hair for my Halloween costumes. This particular year was no different! My inspiration was my red hair (yes that’s my hair… of course I color it but it was not a wig).  I thought wow my hair could look like Peg Bundy. And BAM my costume was born!

It was easy, really! I obtained a leopard tank top, black leggings, black high heels, a big gaudy belt, necklace, bracelet, and let the fur of a furry bra stick out at the top of my tank top. For my hair I curled my bangs and teased LOTS of volume into the rest. I had Bubble gum that I smacked and twisted around my finger. I practiced my Peg waddle, laugh, and catch phrases. I even had an Al.

For Al I had him wear brown pants and a homemade no ma’am shirt. To make the design on the t-shirt I used t-shirt spray paint and stencils. Even if you have never seen an episode you knew who we were from a mile away. We had a terrific Halloween!