My roommate and I were trying to think of something creative that we could do together. After endless searching we gave up until one day we were in the kitchen and we were discussing how much peanut butter and jam are made to be together when it hit us! We got SOOOOOO many compliments on our outfits at the bar and people couldn’t believe that we made this Peanut Butter and Jam couple costume ourselves!

We were able to get all our supplies from Walmart in one trip. We both bought pillow cases for the main part of the dresses in the specific color ($10). In the sewing section of Walmart you can buy small squares of colored fabrics, we bought one square each for the midsections of the dresses (the label part)($2-3). We cut a small green strip off the PB one to create the “lid” of the jar. Next we bought a small package of iron-on paper ($5-10). You simply print a picture onto the paper and then iron it onto the dress, SO SIMPLE! We did a bit of tailoring by hand to the pillow cases to make them a bit shorter and more fitted. Only regret was that we wished we would have put zippers on them for easier access but other than that we looooved them!

I dressed mine up with a green velvet bow from Ardenes and my roommate just bought some plaid ribbon to finish of her costume. I wore some nude flats I had and she found a strawberry colored pair again cheap from Ardenes. We used empty jam and peanut butter containers to even drink our drinks from! Overall we had so much fun making these and they were totally worth all the effort and turned out so much better than any store bought costumes!