My 7 year old daughter always wants to be some kind of a stinkin’ princess for Halloween, so I was on a quest to find something else she would like. My mother gave me some make-up and it was colored after the peacock, it was so pretty, I showed my daughter and then she became excited about it and then we took off on a Peacock Halloween Costume Idea.

I started looking at feathers and masks online. I was originally going to order just feathers and make a tail, but since she is so small I purchased the Peacock Mask Kit at Party City. It had a fan with it, with peacock feathers already on them, and she was small enough that you could see it from the front of her. Then, I turned one of my old bridesmaid dresses into her size and a belt out of the same fabric. I used a glue gun on the bottom of the fan to make it stay open and put sticky Velcro on the back of the fan and the belt. It held up perfectly, even in our crazy Minnesota weather.

I wanted to give her some flair and make her booty a little bigger like a bird, so I made a black tutu out of 2 of the 25′ x 6″ tulle and some elastic. It is cold here, so she wore a black long sleeved shirt and some black tights. I purchased some black glitter shoes at Target and found some glittery peacock birds at Michaels. I tore them apart and hot glued them to her shoes with the feathers and plumes all over them. We topped it off with the mask from the kit, and it was amazing and perfect!

I asked her if she could, would she switch her costume with anyone from school, and she said no. Score, for mommy!