This Homemade Peacock DIY Halloween Costume was actually inspired by some fake eye lashes that I bought last Halloween. I saw them and immediately thought peacock, so all year long I was thinking about doing this costume. The only problem I had was that I knew I would be wearing it at work and would not be able to walk around with a giant tail- but I still wanted a giant tail so I had to figure out how to get it to go up and fold down.

My solution- I attached the feathers (about 160 of them) to an oriental fan. Just a normal sized one but I got one that was made out of plastic and fabric instead of wood and paper, this way it was more sturdy and flexible. I started with the longest layer and glued them to the back of the fan.

Once that was dry I turned it over and glued the rest in layers on the front. The rotating part of the fan was held together with a screw that I removed and replaced with some string, holding it together loosely so that it had more room to close. Then I attached some blue cloth to it that I tied around my waist so that I could get it on and off easier.

Next I had another problem- how to get it to stay up when I wanted it up. For this I attached some buttons to the shoulders of my shirt and some string to the tail which I then painted so that it would blend in I attached one string directly across from each button and two from the middle of the tail to stabilize it.

Next I had to make the feather Mohawk hair piece, for this I just globbed up some hot glue on a paper plate and stuck some of the shorter feathers in it leaving some glue on the ends for bobby pins.

Finish off with some blue cloths, cool makeup and maybe some fake eye lashes and you have yourself an amazing costume that is a definite crowd pleaser! Not to mention easy to wear anywhere you want to go!

You could also make this a cute couples costume! My husband went as a “bird watcher” we just got him some outdoorsy cloths and binoculars and he was good to go!

I do also have additional step by step pictures if anyone needs them.