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Coolest Peacock DIY Halloween Costume 47

by Natalia
(Salt Lake City, Uath)

Homemade Peacock DIY Halloween Costume

Homemade Peacock DIY Halloween Costume

Homemade Peacock DIY Halloween Costume
Homemade Peacock DIY Halloween Costume
Homemade Peacock DIY Halloween Costume
Homemade Peacock DIY Halloween Costume

This Homemade Peacock DIY Halloween Costume was actually inspired by some fake eye lashes that I bought last Halloween. I saw them and immediately thought peacock, so all year long I was thinking about doing this costume. The only problem I had was that I knew I would be wearing it at work and would not be able to walk around with a giant tail- but I still wanted a giant tail so I had to figure out how to get it to go up and fold down.

My solution- I attached the feathers (about 160 of them) to an oriental fan. Just a normal sized one but I got one that was made out of plastic and fabric instead of wood and paper, this way it was more sturdy and flexible. I started with the longest layer and glued them to the back of the fan.

Once that was dry I turned it over and glued the rest in layers on the front. The rotating part of the fan was held together with a screw that I removed and replaced with some string, holding it together loosely so that it had more room to close. Then I attached some blue cloth to it that I tied around my waist so that I could get it on and off easier.

Next I had another problem- how to get it to stay up when I wanted it up. For this I attached some buttons to the shoulders of my shirt and some string to the tail which I then painted so that it would blend in I attached one string directly across from each button and two from the middle of the tail to stabilize it.

Next I had to make the feather Mohawk hair piece, for this I just globbed up some hot glue on a paper plate and stuck some of the shorter feathers in it leaving some glue on the ends for bobby pins.

Finish off with some blue cloths, cool makeup and maybe some fake eye lashes and you have yourself an amazing costume that is a definite crowd pleaser! Not to mention easy to wear anywhere you want to go!

You could also make this a cute couples costume! My husband went as a "bird watcher" we just got him some outdoorsy cloths and binoculars and he was good to go!

I do also have additional step by step pictures if anyone needs them.

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Can you send more pics
by: Jessica

Your tail is fantastic and I love that it can go up or down. Would you mind sending more detailed instructions/pictures of how to make that part of your costume. Great job!

by: Anonymous

Great Costume. Exactly what my granddaughter wants. Could you please send the detailed instructions and photos to Thanks and great job!

the additional pics
by: stephanie

i just saw your peacock costume and its amazing im actually making one myself and your idea was exactly what i was looking for so if u have those step by step pics that would help me alot thank you

Gorgeous Peacock Tail
by: Anonymous

I would love more details on how to make this fabulous peacock tail. My grandaughter is in to peacocks and wants this costume for halloween.


by: Tiffany

Wonderful tail! Could you send me the detailed instructions for it please?

peacock tail
by: Anonymous

This is the best tail i have seen. I like that it can go down and be detached. could i have additional steps on how its done. Thank you

peacock tail
by: Anonymous

your tail is awesome. would it be possible to receive instructions on how you did this? Thank you

peacock tail
by: Anonymous

This is awesome could you send additional instructions on how to do this to

love the costume
by: Anonymous

I absolutely love how you made the tail able to go up or down. Could you please send me the more detailed instructions and pictures or how you made your costume?

Would love additional pictures
by: Jean

What a perfect combination of beatiful form and fantactic function! I do hope you are serious about yoour generous and gracious offer to provide additional step by step pictures.

Awesome Tail!!!
by: Char

Hi! I love your tail and the idea to make husband a bird watcher!!!! Genius! Can you send me photos of your tail in the making!? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

You rock! Could you send detailed instructions,please?
by: Anonymous

Hi there! I LOVE your costume and would really like to learn how to make it open and close. Could you please send detailed instructions to me, as well?

Thank you!

Peacock instructions
by: Rhonda

Wow, awesome costume! my daughter wants to be a peacock this halloween. Can you please send me your instructions? That would be great!

Great Tail!
by: Anonymous

Love your costume! Would love the step-by-step pics if you have time :)
nvsprgrl at yahoo dot com

by: erin

can you please email me step by step pictures ? thank you

I soo love your outfit
by: Keirra

I love your costume can u email the pics step by step on how you did it thank you!!!

Price? Location?
by: Anonymous

Where did you buy the feathers? And how much were they? I'm thinking about doing my own tail too.

Fabulous Costume
by: Anonymous

I would love to see the step by step instructions. Fantastic job!

by: mamumrae

I also would appreciate complete details on how you did the feather tail...u did an awesome job and hope u had a good time...thank you so much for sharing

please send pics and instructions!
by: Anonymous

would love to see your step by step pics and instructions. I am trying this for Halloween this year, and I will need all of the help I can get! Thank you.

by: Crystal

Absolutely adore this! Please send step by step directions and pics.

Can you email me?
by: Anonymous

can you email me the pictures and more detailed instructions please? My email is

Peacock Tail Directions
by: Toozie

Please send detailed pictures and instructions to toozies[at]verizon[dot]net

I am a little confused about the string in the fan part. Thanks.

Oh My Goodness
by: Mya

SS! I hope you still get notifications from this and can email me. Mascaraeyed[at]gmail[dot]com Please, please give me the info. :)

Awesome Idea!
by: Macie M.

I LOVE this costume! I'm trying to do this for my daughter this Halloween. Can you please send more detailed info and maybe more pics if you have some to maciemarlie[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thank you!
Macie M.

Detailed Instructions
by: B Spady

I would love some more detailed instructions on how to do this. Work has a theme this year of Zoo Animal's with our GM as the Zoo Keeper. I decided to be the peacock. bspady[at]windstream[dot]net

Instructions Please
by: Amber Griffith

Can you please send the instructions? ambermgriffith[at]gmail[dot]com

by: Penny P

Could you show us a picture of the fan you used please? We are very intrigued with your idea and how you laid the feathers on the fan. It's a great costume. My 11 year old daughter and I are impressed. Thank you.

by: Laura


Could you send more pictures?

I was a bit confused on how you set it up to be able to have it up or down.

Thank you!

Your Costume is So Awesome
by: Sunshine

What a beautiful costume! Would it be possible to get your step by step instructions/pics? I really would love very much to make this costume for my granddaughter. Here is my email:

Thank you kindly and keep up the good work!

Can I Get Picture Instructions of the Costume
by: Ruby

Your costume is lovely. I would like to make it too. Can you please send pictures to my email

Thank you!

Help me!
by: Anonymous

Please please please send me instructions and pics as well?! This is the only operational tail I have found that seems to be quite simple to assemble. All other ones I have found sounds too complicated and requires an engineering degree to build.
I would really appreciate it. Th a k you!

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