I had wanted to be a Peacock for Halloween for some time but all the costumes I found online were very generic looking. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put forth the effort and time to make one. Well I finally committed and ordered bulk peacock feathers online. It was about 30 dollars for 50 feathers which was really reasonable since at a craft store its 2 to 3 dollars for one or two. I also ordered another type of Peacock feather as fillers for the back.

With some scissors and hot glue I trimmed the feathers down into various sizes and glued them onto a small wood disc. I then attached some loops that were similar to belt loops in order to secure the tail to my body via belt and attached another piece of wood to secure the feathers. I didn’t want to be plucked after all. Found a couple other things to attach onto the tail to make it truly peacock-y and the tail was done.

I made the dress myself with sheer sparkly fabric for the bottom and a black fabric for the top and some feather earrings and the peacock DIY costume was complete. I wore it to Fantasy Fest and got a ton of compliments on it. At the end of the night a lot of the lower feathers were broken but I expected that, partying in the street with tens of thousands of people will do that. I even had a couple people try to pluck me to no avail.

My biggest concern was hitting people in the face with the feathers, but no one seemed to mind. All in all, it was a great peacock DIY costume that now hangs on the wall above my bed. I will probably use it again cause it was such a hit.