I didn’t get to do Halloween much at all when I was little so I got super excited for Halloween now that I have a kid of my own. This Homemade Peacock Costume is the 1st costume ever made. I’d seen it last year on online costume sites and loved them. I got all the fabric and dress at the Goodwill Outlet (thrift store).

What you will need…
*blue sequin dress or any blue dress
*green towel
*blue fabric
*gold fabric
*black fabric
*2 tubes of fabric glue
*elastic band (black)
*needle & thread
*stuffed animal stuffing
*cardboard (to make stencils)

1. With the cardboard, make a stencil for the peacock feather.
2. Put the stencil on the green towel & cut around the stencil.
3. I made my feathers about 4 inches wide & 10-12 inches long. I made 15 feathers.
4. Position 5 of the feathers under the elastic band & sew together for security.
5. Next, using the cardboard make a tear drop shape for the peacock feather using the gold fabric.
6. Then I used fabric glue to glue the gold teardrops on all the feathers.
7. For the 2nd layer of feathers I positioned 4 feathers underneath of the 1st layer of 5 feathers. & then so on for the next layers. Make sure it’s one less feather for each layer until you end up with a total of 5 layers & 15 feathers.
8. Position the feathers on a flat surface & then carefully apply the fabric glue underneath of the feathers. Press down on it to make sure it’ll stay.
9. With the cardboard make a little circle for the eye of the peacock feather. Cut around the stencil.
10. Cut a triangle out of the circle so it looks like pacman & then with the fabric glue apply it onto the gold pieces.
11. On the backside of the feathers, patch any open spots with scraps from the green towel.
12. Next with the black fabric, cut it into a leaf shape (15 in. by 15 in.) & glue onto the back of the feathers, making a pouch.
13. Make sure you position it more to the upper area & make sure it’s centered! So it’ll be mostly on your back when you put it on.
14. Now with the stuffed animal stuffing, just stuff it in the pouch & sew it up!

I’m super in love with my costume.