My Peacock costume took a ton of blood, sweat and tears to make. Originally I wanted to get a peacock tattoo. Peacocks symbolize awakening, immortality, refinement, and incorruptibility. I decided to do a Halloween costume instead because it was vibrant, relatively original, and not quite as permanent as a tattoo.

The corset top (obviously too big for me) was made using Simplicity 2966. If using this pattern, I recommend going a size smaller than you regularly are. I did not make the liner that the pattern called for and it saved me a couple dollars on materials and a few hours of my life.

The tutu was made by hand. First you need lots of tulle… and I mean LOTS! I originally bought 5 meters of tulle and had to purchase another 1.5 meters before I finished. (You’ve probably noticed that I used a thicker tulle… don’t do that… the lightweight stuff fluffs much nicer.) You’re going to need to cut the tulle into strips, cut stripes about 6 inches wide. Then measure and mark your size and cut elastic. To me this is easy part, tie elastic to chair to chair like a clothe line. Now you can just tie the tulle on easy and tight together.

While most of the tutorials I found online suggested other types of knots, I found the double knot kept the tulle in place. Repeat this step until you have went all around your elastic. There should be no elastic visible when completed. I sewed the ends of my elastic together, but a safety pin would have worked just fine. This took me about 2 evenings to complete. Underneath I wore a pair of black spandex shorts.

The tail was by far the hardest part of the costume. I cut out a fan-esque shape out of light-weight black foam and hot glued my feathers onto it. I tried double sided sticky tape… that was a disaster. If I did it again I would use more feathers to create a fuller tail. I attached a big bow on the bottom to help cover up the ends of the feathers. To attach this to my corset, I used 2 strips on stick-on Velco, it held it just fine. I also made a head piece using 3 smaller feathers angled and secured to an alligator clip with hot glue and ribbon.

While this was not the exact way I wanted my costume to look, I won 2 separate costume prizes while I was out.