My husband and I went as Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox for Halloween this year. Since my husband isn’t too fond of dressing up, I chose a costume that would be almost exactly like what he wears on a day-to-day basis (a button-up flannel shirt and jeans) and added suspenders…voila’, a homemade Paul Bunyan costume.

My Babe costume was a little more difficult, but I was so pleased with how it turned out! My favorite part was my horns/ears head band. I bought a headband and spray painted it blue, then molded Crayola air-dry clay (the really light-weight kind) into the shape of horns and painted them with yellow acrylic paint. I made ears out of blue foam paper which I cut out and then super-glued at the bottom to give it some shape. Next, I attached the ears and the horns to the headband with superglue.

The rest of the outfit was much simpler. I found a matching blue top and pants on sale at Wal-mart and then bought the same color tights. Since the pants and shirt I bought were from the kids’ department (I’m very short and petite), the pants were a little short for me so I cut them at the knee and used the bottom half as hooves. I hot-glued a blue feather boa that I bought from the Dollar store and some black foam paper cut into the shape of hooves to the bottom of my pant legs.

For the hooves over my hands, I used black foam paper cut to shape and put Velcro in the inside to secure them to my wrists. I made the tail from a Dollar store costume tail that I bought and spray painted blue. I cut the bottom of the tail off and used some hair from a black wig that my sister used in a previous costume and hot glued the hair inside the bottom of the tail. Lastly, I bought a cowbell from a party supply store and painted it yellow to match my ears.

Everyone loved our costumes and easily recognized who we were.