Ohhhh well we’re from MINNESOTA don’cha know? lol. Yes my boyfriend and I thought that it would be creative to dedicate our costumes this year to the folk lore that has statues all over our great state… not only that… but we’ve never seen anyone do it… and well for me, I spent the night saying, “just call me babe” (with a cute wink) haha.

Not only did we get some great recognition from friends, but best of all, our Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox Couple Costume combined cost us $21.

For Paul Bunyan, most things can be found in the closet and we purchased yellow suspenders from a local savers. The ax was made out of wood and duct tape so he didn’t look quite as dangerous at the party! And fortunately he has a ability to grow a pretty awesome Paul Bunyan beard.

I spent $4 on devil horns that we primer painted a few coats and glittered. I then bought a bell from a craft store with a coupon, added ribbon and “Babe” in scrapbook stickers.

The fabric was found 50% off at a craft store and my mom and I drew up a pattern (based off a dress that had currently fit me, well and with a tail added haha)… she then added the cute black boa around the leg and arm warmers. We also added a black lace strap on the bottom of the leg warmer so it would stay in place below my shootie heels.

And for my favorite detail… I had a fake nose ring (found the fake piercing at the Halloween store)… everyone got a kick out of it. So if we win, we will not likely invest it in next years Halloween costume as doing it for less and amping up the creativity is the best part! (as figured by my next line after “just call me babe” was, “omg it cost me $14 for mine!”.