This is how we made this Homemade Paper and Glue Stick Couple Costume:

I used 4 sheets of poster boards per side and for the width it was half a poster boards. I drew blue lines like those on a real paper and the red lines too. I decided on doing a math quiz so I wrote simple math equations. I taped everything together and put string to help me hold the weight of the costume. Notice if you do this, arm holes are not the most useful XD.

Glue stick:
We made a cylinder with the red poster boards. We made the cap the same way but with a slightly different red and the bottom was black to imitate the bottom of a glue stick. We made the Famous Pritt sign as a finishing touch. Arm holes were made and string was attached to hold the weight with our shoulders. These took a maximum of 4 hours.

As last year with out Pencil costume we won a prize at the school costume contest.

* Sorry the pictures were not as great as they seemed to be at the time.