When first beginning my search for the most AWESOME Halloween costume ever created, I wanted to pick something I’ve always loved… this lead to my childhood amore for Transformers which eventually became my love for Magnus Opus or Optimus Prime to be exact.

Once I had the idea I shared it with my family and thus began the endless nights, thousands of Glue gun burns and my invasion occupation of my living room. I unshackled the little geek in me and let him run buck wild ’til his heart’s delight.

All together I spent about $40 – $50 bucks, finding most materials from what I had in my garage or around the home.

Things you’ll need:

– Hot Glue Gun (and sticks – the bigger the bag the better)
– Duct Tape (Red, Gray and Yellow)
– Masking Tap (Mainly for paint)
– Small Ruler and Big Ruler
– Exacto Blade
– Scissors
– Spray Paints (Primer, Red, Blue, white and Metallic)
– $.99 cents store Mini Flashlights (4 of them)
– Hard Hat (about $6.00 at any Hardware Store)
– Velcro (Found at Major stores like Target, Kmart etc.)
– Lots and lots of cardboard, or foam board. Most companies throw out scrap or just go to your local markets and ask them to save you some before tossing.
– 2 tin cans (emptied of course)
– 2 plastic report sheet covers (for the windshields)
– I used old Hockey Gloves but any cheap canvas ones will work.
– Packaging tubes or PVC piping

Over the last month I’ve found myself staring at piles of trash while driving home, hoping to find something I can use for my costume. Always try to be frugal and inventive.

I’ve lost so much sleep and some nights I didn’t even sleep at all. This was last Sunday 10/19/08 where I’ve been up for about 36 hours… but I finished it!

Now If only can remember where my bed is. It’s been so long that I might have trouble finding it