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Coolest Optimus Prime Transformers Costume 17

by Daniel U.
(Lynwood, CA)

Homemade Optimus Prime Costume

Homemade Optimus Prime Costume

When first beginning my search for the most AWESOME Halloween costume ever created, I wanted to pick something I've always loved... this lead to my childhood amore for Transformers which eventually became my love for Magnus Opus or Optimus Prime to be exact.

Once I had the idea I shared it with my family and thus began the endless nights, thousands of Glue gun burns and my invasion occupation of my living room. I unshackled the little geek in me and let him run buck wild 'til his heart's delight.

All together I spent about $40 - $50 bucks, finding most materials from what I had in my garage or around the home.

Things you'll need:

- Hot Glue Gun (and sticks - the bigger the bag the better)
- Duct Tape (Red, Gray and Yellow)
- Masking Tap (Mainly for paint)
- Small Ruler and Big Ruler
- Exacto Blade
- Scissors
- Spray Paints (Primer, Red, Blue, white and Metallic)
- $.99 cents store Mini Flashlights (4 of them)
- Hard Hat (about $6.00 at any Hardware Store)
- Velcro (Found at Major stores like Target, Kmart etc.)
- Lots and lots of cardboard, or foam board. Most companies throw out scrap or just go to your local markets and ask them to save you some before tossing.
- 2 tin cans (emptied of course)
- 2 plastic report sheet covers (for the windshields)
- I used old Hockey Gloves but any cheap canvas ones will work.
- Packaging tubes or PVC piping

Over the last month I've found myself staring at piles of trash while driving home, hoping to find something I can use for my costume. Always try to be frugal and inventive.

I've lost so much sleep and some nights I didn't even sleep at all. This was last Sunday 10/19/08 where I've been up for about 36 hours... but I finished it!

Now If only can remember where my bed is. It's been so long that I might have trouble finding it

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Pretty Awesome
by: Anonymous

Pretty Awesome costume. Too bad it's so far down the list, not everyone might have the patience to scroll through some of the Toads looking for this prince.

I wish you could post more pictures? Is there a video of you building it or putting it on?

Either way, it's by far the best Optimus I've seen on the net to date!

by: Anonymous

What a great costume! That took some imagination and hard work, but it turned out great!

by: Anonymous

Wow! You did a great job!

Roll Out!
by: Anonymous

Great job. I love the inexpensive, DIY projects. Especially, when they turn out looking so great.

by: Anonymous

dude you should win! That's the the coolest costume I have ever seen. Nice work!

by: Kat

That is UNBELIEVABLE! Its is the first costume I just HAD to comment on!It is fabulous.

The SH!*
by: Anonymous

My God,Man! That has got to be the coolest Optimus Prime costume I have ever seen. Staying up really payed off.

by: Anonymous

You did a GREAT job! The attention to detail is fantastic. Would love to see some video of you moving in it.

Love IT
by: Julie

This costume is awesome. I have to get started so it will be ready for my son to wear this Halloween! Great Job, very inventive!!

all good but
by: AndyNZ

how do ya drink........... its a party outfit after all

I need some instruction on how to build this...
by: Anonymous

My son wants to be Optimus Prime for Halloween and I would like to make the costume. I have looked at many pics online and I like yours the best so far. Is there anyway you can give me some instruction on how to construct a similar one? I would truly appreciate your help.

Thank you,

so cooool!!!!
by: Nikki

What a great implementation of your idea! You are totally Optimus Prime! What are you going to be this year?

by: Anonymous

I bet that Halloween was awesome. Man I wish I had patience and skills to do that. I'm having hard enough time making a Captain Crunch costume

Where can I buy one?
by: Saado

Hey, would you consider making a couple of these? I need them bad for a production, will pay $$$$.

by: TP


buy it for £10
by: Anonymous

can you do a sale if you have 5,20,or sell as kits.

make me one
by: Jesse

how much would u charge me to make me one i don't live that far from u i live here in Pico Rivera,ca 90660

I want one!
by: Anonymous

Seriously, How much for you to make this for someone to buy?

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