I have always loved the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. So when I asked my daughter Megan, age 7, if she was interested in an Oompa Loompa Halloween costume and she said yes, I was thrilled.

The pants are made from a simple child’s pant pattern that was altered to include the “humps” on the sides of the legs. I used two layers of fusible interfacing to add stiffness so they wouldn’t droop. I then added two wide strips of ribbon to make the straps. I couldn’t find large enough buttons to sew on, so I improvised. I painted large wooden buttons and hot glued them to the front and back where the straps met the pants.

The top was just a brown turtleneck. For the neck and wristbands, I purchased white “sweatbands” from a sports store and added stripes with brown paint. For the socks, I used brown socks and added stripes with white paint. To keep the lines straight on the socks, I slipped the sock over a paper towel tube and followed the ribbing on the sock. The shoes were just some inexpensive white canvas shoes that I attached pom-poms to using brown and white yarn. To make the hair, I purchased a Marilyn Monroe wig and painted it green. Orange face paint with extra white eyebrows finished off the look.

But, I just couldn’t stop there, so we make “Violet” from the movie when she turns into a giant blueberry and the Oompa Loompa’s must roll her away to be squeezed. Violet was made using a large exercise ball. My husband made forms for the hands and feet using heavy wire and attached them to the ball using lots of duct tape. I then stuffed a cheap pair of gloves and socks with batting and placed them on the forms. Then, I attached a small pair of shoes.

For the head, we bought an inexpensive doll head and taped it on using duct tape as well. Finally, I sewed clothes to fit over the ball/body. Gathered strips of blue fabric finished off the ankles, wrists, and neckline. The belt was just a strip of red fabric with black felt for the buckle. I just used velcro to hold this on.

All in all, she was a huge hit! I make my children’s costumes every year and I enjoy it as much as they enjoy wearing them!