I was in nursing school and attended Halloween of 2004. I remember being the only student out of my nursing class of close to 40 students, who dressed up. If that was not the most embarrassing, imagine having your entire face painted orange, white doll hair glued to my eyebrows and about 6 cans of green colored hairspray in my hair with about 50 some bobby pins holding in my pin curls.

I only wish I had a good whole body photo for you to appreciate the time I put into making my entire Oompa Loompa costume from scratch. I literally painted the brown stripes on my stockings, sewed the white stripes onto the collar of my shirt, weaved together the brown and white yarn for the fuzzy balls on my brown slip-on leather shoes.

This was by far my coolest costume ever. It was hard work and rewarding to have the best costume in the school.