Hello Everyone,

My name is Joshua I am 6″10. Yes, that’s right – 6 foot 10 inches. I am 375 pounds and I live in Nebraska.

Every year I find myself trying to figure out what to be for the funnest day of the year – Halloween. Well, after months of pondering, I thought to myself that I should be a GIANT Oompa Loompa!

I started getting sewing and knitting tips from my grandma and mom. I started this costume in early August of 2008 and finally got done with it early October. I used heavy cotton for the XXXXXL large tall turtle neck with striped fabric for neck line and striped for the wrists. I also used heavy nylon polyester for the giant size 46 waist overalls with giant sewn on buttons. I used my own blend of bright orange and brown makeup for my face and then white and yellow blend for my eyebrows.

I also made myself custom giant socks out of polyester to come up to my knee. And I have not mentioned yet that I wear a size 23 shoe – I have the 2nd biggest feet right now in the world! I also had a pair of custom made size 22 brown Adidas made for me special for this outfit.

I have been on dozens of TV shows for my giant feet around the world…

I also made some puffy pom poms for my big shoes and sewed some pair of huge gloves for my almost 9 1/2 inch hands.

In all I spent roughly 20 hours working on this outfit. I put a lot of time and money into this. I have been to 4 costume contests in the past 2 weeks and out of the roughly 50 people at each one I have WON 1st place, funniest, most creative!