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Coolest Oompa Loompa Costume 10

by Jamie
(Fort Walton Beach, FL)

 Oompa Loompa Costume

Oompa Loompa Costume

My name Is Jamie and my co worker Monica are just about the same size. We always enjoy making people laugh and thought little dancing Oompa Loompa's would be pretty funny.

To start off we took a shoulder length blond wig and put rollers in it and sprayed it green. For a nice shade of orange we just used a really dark foundation found in the make up dept. The tops were just a brown turtle neck with painted lines, white gloves and some white pants. We sewed on ribbon and button to criss cross over the pants.

I picked up some striped socks from Target along with white tennis shoes. I used yarn to make the little pom pom's and you have yourself a Oompa Loompa costume.

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by: Jackie

I want to be an Oompa Loompa but I cant seem to find an original outfit for one..its always those ugly ones from charlie.. anyways is there a place i can buy them all at one place? or do i have to buy each separate? Also i cannot seem to find the pants and i don't know how to make them...any tips?

Fabulous Costume!
by: Anonymous

That idea is just fabulous. I want to do it but I can't seem to find white pants or a brown turtle neck. How did you make the pom-poms brown and white mixed together? Did you put a layer of brown wool then white then brown again?

Great idea! Love the costume!

great costume
by: Anonymous

Awesome job! My friend is getting married and having a "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" theme, not your typical wedding, haha, but its very casual and gonna be fun! I would love to copy your talent and try and do costume like yours! Great job, very cute! Thanks for posting :)

by: Anonymous

How did you make the wig? Are the rollers still in the wig and what kinda paint did you use on the hair?

Please reply.

Oompa loompa pants
by: Cammy

White pants are very hard to find in the fall. I found very inexpensive white scrubs at WalMart. My teacher friends and I are going as a gang of oompa loompas and Wonka too.

So cute
by: Tiff

This is AMAZING! I swear I wouldn't have a costume to go to work with tomorrow if it wasn't for your pics. I wanted to be an oompa loompa and couldn't figure out how to do it until I read this and last night I picked up my costume so thanks so much for your post and btw you guys look so friggin cute!

by: Anonymous

my school did willy wonka for a play and your costumes look identical to the ones we used

oompa loompa costumes
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know where i can get two of these costumes? they look class

by: Anonymous

That is REALLY cool!My friend and I figure skate, and we are doing the Oompa Loompa song for open pairs. We are trying to find a Oopa loompa costume. and that is very realistic!

by: Anonymous

this is too cute!!!

Awesome Loverboy
by: Anonymous

You know, I'm being an Oompa Loompa for Halloween. That is why I am looking this up. I am so excited!

by: Lauren

where can I buy it?

by: Anonymous

So I'm going to the store right? I go and get a blonde wig. Now what do I use to paint the wig green? I also get a brown turtle neck. I see how to paint the white stripes on the neck and cuffs. I was also wanting to know which you think would be better; buying striped socks or getting some brown socks and putting white athletic tape over them. What I don't get is how to make the pom pom things on the shoes. I might could get my mom's mom to make them except its a bit of a ways. And I have 19 days to make this and were low on money. Could you tell me how much money you guys put into this? Thanks.

love it
by: lovebug442

i love that costume my daughter loves it and i do to. it is such a quick and fast costume to make.

great idea, thanks for the input
by: Mike, Missoula, MT

1. Wig from joanne's, (blonde little school girl spray painted green), 60% off, $3.99
2. Brown Ralph Lauren Polo (designer oompa loompa, would you expect anything lees?) women's size medium $12.99. Painted the white stripes with white fabric paint, $2.00, sponge brush, $1.99 and a drink straw to make the lines straight, Grey Goose & sugar-free redbull, drink was $6.00, but the straw was free:-)
3. White women's pants size 8 from Ross, buttons sewen on (Joanne's,) white ribbon for the suspenders (Joanne's) $3.99
4. Ladies Knee-high striped socks, TJ Max $4.99
5. Tan face, african-american dark, dark, dark, mousse-foundation with the powder shit so it wouldn't run $22.99. That stuff is expensive!
6. White eyebrows, Halloween store, white face make-up $3.99
7. White gloves, halloween store $4.99

Here's the pic
by: Mike, Missoula, MT

let me know if anyone would like a picture. It took quite a while to make the costume, but it was well worth it!

by: Anonymous

what did you stuff your pants with?

by: Anonymous

Can I buy them for world book day for my kids

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