First i have to explain that every my child decided what they want for costume…but this year  i think they made a pack to give me so hard test.

First my son want a Assasin’s Creed costume and my daughter Ninjini from the Skylanders game.

I began by the torse and the cuddler, this was the easier part for me.

After that i made the arms protector with cardboard box that i recovered with matriel. I made a insign with materiel that i glue on top and for the finger i just made some holes.

The hardiest part was the kind of skirt that Ninjini wear…i cut four diamond form on cardboard box and recovered it with materiel but the funny part is that i sewn and unstitched so many time it was frustating.

Anyway i finally got it.

For the bottom i took one of her pant and just sew some curves on it to make the kind of cloud.

The ears was the funny parts. I made in again with the cardboard box and recovered it with materiel. but when i want to try it on her ears she shouted by the fact that I he pulled(fired) ears.

Hope you’ll enjoy my costume.