It took me about a month to complete all 4 of the costumes. The shells took the longest, I started by getting some black foam that I found in my father in law’s shop. I then used some thicker gauged wire to shape the shells so they looked round. Then I used spray foam to make the shells look more realistic and then painted them with black, green, brown, and yellow spray paint, I did the front shells the same and made them like a backpack with fishing line so you can’t tell how they are staying on.

For the green suits I was given some Tyvek suits with the hoods on them and I spray painted them green. For the sashes I cut the right colored material to the right thickness and length and tied them on each one of us the masks were made with the same material and I used a hot glue gun to put cheese cloth so the eyes all looked the same.

I made all the weapons by hand as well for the sais and the sword I cut out wood to the right shape and used my dremel tool to sand them down so they looked a little smoother and then I painted them with chrome spray paint. the nun-chucks were made with paper towel rolls stuffed with paper to make them firm and twine that we knotted to look like chains and then spray painted the right color. The staff was mad from PVC pipe spray painted and then wrapped with medical tape, I also drew a wooden looking pattern on it with permanent marker.

We had so much fun in our Homemade Ninja Turtles Group Costume and got quite the reactions when we went to the party!