This Homemade Night Elf from World of Warcraft Costume was one of the first costumes I made when I was still a junior in the costume making world. One of my favorite games of all time has to be World of Warcraft! And what better way to demonstrate my nerdiness then to recreate the first ever armor set I ever got in game.

This costume is my replica of the Wildheart Reminant armor found in the game.

Construction lasted a couple of months, with my sewing skills being rather poor at the time and taking forever to put things together.

Everything was made from scratch, even the ears that I made myself out of a light clay and stuck on with spirit gum. The eyebrows were the most painful thing of the costume. I made them by cutting a few lengths of my wig and wrapping them around a piece of wire. Unfortunately I’d made them too heavy so spirit gum and latex wouldn’t hold them, so in the end I used superglue, right on top of my own eyebrows. Needless to say that I didn’t have much left in the way of eyebrows when tearing them off after wearing the costume. OUCH!

The wig was styled by me, however I have to admit that I didn’t weave it, though I am learning so maybe one day I will be able to.

I used a florescent paint on the costume and the weapon to give it a glowing effect, which also glows in the dark. Apart from the bright green (which is painted on) the rest of the details are either hand or machine sewn on for a 3D look.

The warglaive (weapon) was made with an old broomstick going between each ‘blade’ made from fabric covered cardboard. The handle was carved and painted packaging foam.

Hints / Tips

When making shoulder pads like in this costume try using expanding foam. Spray it into a box then carve it out with a knife. The result is sturdy and extremely lightweight!

Remember when making existing character costumes that their body shape is different to yours. Be prepared to make changes in the design.

When making a costume think about the whole look. For example a well placed prop can really finish off a photo.