My boyfriend and I went as a unicorn and dragon couple costume for Halloween! I actually started our costumes last year, but a rogue blizzard rolled in and cancelled our party plans in 2011. Anyone could easily be a mythical creatures couple!

For starters, I don’t have a sewing machine, so I kind of just hand-sewed everything in a really haggard manner, or used Stitch Witch (fabric fusion tape, oh yeah)! So if you can’t sew, congrats! You can still make these costumes!

For the Dragon, I went to Salvation Army and bought a pair of XL sweatpants, and regular pants and shirt in my boyfriend’s size, all in as close to the same shade of green as possible. Easy, right?

To make the head: cut a leg off the sweatpants. Now, cut a face hole in the middle of it. Then take an old baseball hat put it inside the head, so the brim sticks out the face hole. Now this just created the dragon’s nose and mouth, and turned your sweatpants into a hat. Cover the brim in a piece of the green sweatpants. (Haha, and, obviously, if you can really sew, you could make this out of fabric instead of cutting up old clothes but we weren’t shooting for designer here). Use felt for: fangs, eyebrows, ears, horns. One pair of giant googly eyes, glitter card stock paper for the nostrils.

Sew the extra bit of sweatpants leg on top of the dragon head down with two stitches, then start the red felt “spikes” down the head and the whole back side of the dragon. Glue some scale-patterened fabric to the front of the shirt for a tummy. Cut an arms-span length of black tulle into jagged wings, and sew to the wrists and middle of the back.

Use another leg and arm of the sweatpants sewn together to make a long dragon tail, and sew it onto the pants. Add the red felt spikes, and sew gold tulle on the end to make a spike ball. The costume had black gloves with the pinky and thumb cut off, and white claws glued on, but my boyfriend wouldn’t wear them, hahaha.

The unicorn was easy. I used a purple icicle ornament and glued it upside-down onto a headband to make a horn. Two pieces of white silky fabric were sewn into simple ears, then attached to the headband as well. The mask was just a $1 white paper mask from Target that I glued a bunch of glitter and sparkly beads to.

I bought two magenta wigs from a woman on Etsy who makes them, and used one for my mane and one for my tail! That was my favorite part, after the horn. The furry arms were kind of just haphazardly sewn together with elastic and white fur and then I cheated and bought the furry legs from a different woman on Etsy who makes them. They were awesome though!

White thigh highs, a white mini skirt, and white turtle neck completed the body …and glitter pumps.