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Coolest Mystique Costume 21

by Dana L.
(Warrensburg, MO)

Homemade Mystique Costume

Homemade Mystique Costume

Homemade Mystique Costume
Homemade Mystique Costume
Homemade Mystique Costume
Homemade Mystique Costume

To make this Homemade Mystique Costume I first started with a Royal Blue leotard I bought from the We Love Colors website, as well as the socks. I know most women who attempt this costume go for the more nude look by painting their body or exposing their chest. I was not down for that and I knew it would be way to cold. So the leotard offered a full coverage look that was comfortable and I can use it again. I used black puffy paint and hand painted all the scales and details over the entire leotard front and back. This took me about 4 days to do, giving it enough time to dry completely. I bought some white gloves I thought I could dye blue to match but sure enough the dye didn't take. So plan B I had some ceramic paint in the right color blue and I hand painted the gloves blue, then added the scales with the black puffy paint. I also already owned some royal blue pumps that matched perfectly.

To do my make up I first blocked out my eye brows using spirit gum then liquid latex on top of that. I then used the cheap blue cream face paint from Walmart all over my face neck and upper back. Once that dried I used the black puffy paint again to paint the scales and details on my face. My hair is already red so I did not require any red hair spray. I glued on some false lashes, popped in my yellow cat eye contacts and volla! I was Mystique. I wore this costume twice and won two costume contests. I am very proud of this costume and I had so many random people coming up and asking for pictures with me.

I don't know how I will top this one next year.

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what leotard?
by: Anonymous

love how you made your costume. Did you get the royal blue leotard or the navy blue one? also what was the exact paint called that you used for your face? you nailed it so good I want to try and do it!

For Sale?
by: Anonymous

Would you consider selling your costume? Please let me know Thanks!

by: Dana L.

It was the royal blue leotard and I don't remember the name of the face paint. It was the cheap kind from Walmart in individual tubes.

And sorry no my costume isn't for sale. Can't put a price on my masterpieces. I reuse them all constantly.

by: Anonymous

Did you paint the scales with the leotard off or on?

by: Dana

Off! It would be way to difficult to do it on. Puffy paint takes over night to fully dry.

by: kara

Hi! Did you choose size from size guide measurements? Was it matching with reality or did you ordered smaller?

by: kris

Hi! Can you please tell me how tall you are? What size of the suit did you order? It woul be very helpful, thank you!

by: Dana

I am 5'4" and I believe I ordered a small. But yes their sizing is accurate and the suit is very stretchy. Its a thicker spandex, like a dance costume.

You're awesome!!
by: Suzi

LOVE your costume! Thanks for being so detailed, it's helping me get mine together. Any chance you remember the brand of blue face paint you bought from Walmart? The stuff I'm finding is too light. Thanks!!!

What face paint exactly...?
by: MrsR

Yes please, the exact brand/ color description would be great please. And was one tube enough for face and chest?
Fantastic costume btw!

by: Ann

Awesome costume! Can I ask, how difficult was it to do? Also, this might sound daft, but how 'raunchy' does it look in real life? I'm going to a costume party soon and this would be so cool, but it's a family friendly charity event so don't know if I dare :-)

by: Jeanene

Do you still have this costume? Are you looking to sell it?

by: Dana L.

No its not raunchy at all. Other than being skin tight it provides full coverage.

And yes I still have it and no its not for sale.

by: Ann

I LOVE THIS VERSION! It's probably the most accurate DIY Mystique I have seen. However, I was looking around on the website for the unitards/leotards and was wondering how you chose your size. I don't want to order one for $56 and end up choosing the wrong size.

by: Adela

I am trying to replicate this amazing costume. Can you send me a picture of the back? I want to see the pattern of the scales. Also, what held the costume while you painted the spots? Thank you so much for teaching us how to do this. I am very excited. I purchased the materials and contacts. I'm just waiting for them to arrive to get started. Again, thank you.

by: Question

I was wondering if you bought a leotard or the unitard?

by: Dana L.

Sorry I don't have any pictures of the back. I used pictures from Google of Mystique to reference the scales. The best part of making your own costumes is figuring it out for yourself. Magicians never reveal the answers to their magic.

by: Rachel

What did you use for bottoms from the website? Was it the tights or did they have really long socks when you made it because the ones they have on there are all short.

Male Mystique Costume Questions
by: Josh

Awesome job! I'm making a male version of this and also using a blue spandex body suit. I'm going to paint the scales this weekend and in the next couple days. If you painted the scales with the costume off, did you just lay it flat on a surface or did you stuff it with something? How did you compensate for the stretch of the fabric in terms of where to place the scales? Did you just mark the suit when wearing it? Is 3D fabric paint the same as Puffy Paint?


Black Puffy Paint
by: Casey

Love it. Where did you get the black puffy paint?

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