This was an original Homemade Mutated Cannibal Unique Halloween Costume Idea . The face took 7 hours to make and the dress took about an hour. The dress was cut up, made to look dirty and liquid latex on it. I also added fake blood to the dress to make it look like I had ate/killed another mutant. The face is all latex (not a mask) with make-up on it to match my skin. There is also fake blood on it and “sores” on my face, chest, arms, shoulders, and back.

We mixed liquid latex and lotion to give the sores a “puss” look. The lotion turns to a yellow color when it sits for a while which is perfect for “sores”. I made my hair look as messy as possible with only hair spray. I wore this out to a Halloween bash on Saturday night and I was not able to see out of one eye and I could only fit a straw in my mouth.

It was very unpleasant, but worth it.