My wife (real wife, not only mummified wife) and I dressed up as Mummies from this year Carnival parade as part of our neighborhood theme Egypt (we participated in Ispra, Gavirate and Laveno Italy) plus image of the kids and friend costume that I made for the same events.

Artistic wise both masks were made of a mix of materials. Teeth in supersculpey, skin & bones in liquid latex sculpted with cottons and stuff on a old cast of my head and some make up and a pair of white lenses as a final touch. Followed by about a km of ripped fabric strips that was colored by tea and coffee glued round, round and round an old sweater and a pair of underpants. My face was made in 3 parts so I could move the mouth (to scare better and more importantly drink) while my wife’s only one.

Hope you like it.