I was 8 months pregnant at Halloween last year and there was no hiding that bump!  I needed to be comfortable but still wanted to be clever.  The mummy idea popped into my head and I was determined.  I found some very inexpensive white lounge pants in XL and a large long sleeve white T shirt.  Then I hit the fabric store store to pick up some cheap white fabric.  The last stop was the grocery store for a large box of black tea bags.

I soaked the tea in 2 separate 5 gallon buckets of hot water. I dyed the pants and shirt in one bucket.  I tore the white fabric into long strips and dyed those as well.  The more frayed they are, the better.  The tea gave the white fabric and dingy, old look that was perfect for the mummy costume.  After drying out all the fabric, I started out by hot gluing the fabric strips to the shirt and pants to give the costume that wrapped look.  Honestly this method was taking a long time and the fabric didn’t stick too well.  I wound up having a friend staple the fabric to the shirt and pants!  It worked out perfect and was fast.

For hair and make up I decided to go the cute route and did it up, a little over the top.  The costume was a hit!  And I was really comfy all night since I was basically in lounge pants and a T shirt all night!