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Coolest Mr. Peanut Costume 4

by Josh
(Fremont, WI)

Mr. Peanut Costume

Mr. Peanut Costume

I originally got this idea from this site: but thought it could be done a little better and with more explanation.

I started using garden wire for the frame. You can pick this up at any big box home improvement store. I used 4' x 50', and used probably 30' worth. The costume is made in three separate parts: body, head and hat. I made a prototype for each section so I could get the width and proportions correct. Then, after making sure I could get it on (and get through the door), I made the final versions. This is important, because you don't want to build your costume and then not be able to get it on or get it out of the basement. Don't forget to cut arm holes in the head before you attach it to the body. Really, your arms come more out of the head then the body. The holes are right on the connection line.

As for the covering, it's paper mache. I used 1 part water to 1 part flour and it worked great. Don't waste your money on glue or paste. I ended up using about 2 pounds of flour though, so be prepared. Also, fans or even small space heaters will greatly speed up the drying process. Otherwise a single coat could take 2 days to dry. The newspaper was torn into 2"-3" strips, run through the batter and laid flat. Try to lay it as flat as possible so you don't have to sand or trim it later. Then spray paint it yellow and black. Apply the face and you're done. I cut the face out of tag board and colored it black with a Sharpie. Also, I used two duffel bag straps on the inside so it really "hung" on me. This is recommended versus letting the frame rest on your shoulders (ouch!).

The outfit was mostly Good Will. If you can't find spats (I couldn't), use white tube socks with the ends cut out and just pull them over some black dress shoes. The rest is just black pants, black shirt and white gloves. And don't forget the cane! I used a bamboo one from a costume store ($2) and painted it black. Also, don't forget the eye holes. I cut three small holes just below the brim. This worked perfectly. I had planned on using some type of sheer material, but this would have made it hard to see at the bar since it was kind of dark already.

This costume was a big hit. Of course it won first place at the party we were at. In the end, it took about 40 hours over 2 weeks and cost only $35 to make. I'd recommend starting earlier than I did. I spent a lot of late nights finishing up. But it was definitely worth it! Now it sits in my party room as a reminder of the best Halloween costume ever!

Mr. Peanut Costume

Mr. Peanut Costume

Mr. Peanut Costume

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More pics
by: Josh

If anyone's interested in more details, feel free to ask. I also have a bunch of more pictures related to creating the peanut. I can always email them to you if you'd like.

Have a great Halloween!!!!

Thank you!!
by: Christina

Thanks so much for posting all the detail! Please email me the extra pics at I was wondering how you actually attached all the pieces, and the straps inside. Did you cut the newspaper, or did you rip it? I read that you shouldn't cut the newspaper, but it would save so much time. Any other detail you have would be great! My boyfriend will be putting it together in the next 4 days, so we're really crunched for time, I'm hoping I can make it, eeek! Oh yeah, how did you drink at the bar? I assumed I'd have to take it off to eat or drink, I thought about making a door in the front but didn't know if that'd look probably wouldn't. How many layers of paper mache did you use?

Thanks again!

by: Anonymous

Hey! I love your costume! Great job. If you have time it would be great if you could email some more pictures and directions to me. My emails thanks a lot!

by: Mr Peanut

You seem like you knew what you were doing a whole lot more than I did.

Great Costume
by: Janna

Your costume turned out really good, I would like to do this for my 10 year old son. Could you please email more photos and your directions to

Sweet costume
by: Wahash

What a great costume, that is awesome. I want to be this for Halloween, could you send me more pics and details how to make it.

here's my email, thanks man...

Looking Good!
by: Stacy

Your costume is Great! my daughter and I enter a Halloween Parade each year. it has been a few years since we won. I am hoping to do it with this costume. Could you please send directions. Thanks for all your help.

Request Info
by: Denise

Hi! Your costume is great! I am very interested in making it this year. Can I please have more pictures? How did you attach the pieces? How did you attach the duffel bag straps? Thanks!

Request for Details
by: Jacquie

Fantastic! If you have a chance, would you be able to send me more details please?

by: Galonzo Mourning

I'm really interested in this costume, but I gotta be able to drink. How did you manage this?

by: Josh


Please post your email address and I'll send you some additional information.


mr peanut

please email me the pic and instruction very good costume thank you very very much

More pics?
by: Susie

This is such a great costume! I am going to try to make it for my 11 yr old who is allergic to peanuts. Any additional pictures or info on how you attached the straps, head/body, etc would be great!!

by: Blake

Hey I looking for a way to make this costume and it looks like you have it down perfectly. Any way can you add here all the directions? The dimensions of each part with the chicken wire would be cool to if you still had them. Thank you.

by: Josh

I don't know the exact dimensions anymore. I believe the wire was 2"x3", maybe 2"x4". Basically, start by making a large cylinder the size of the widest part. Then snip out sections on the bottom and top and cinch them together with tape or zip ties.

So, three rectangles in the largest part become two (and then one) rectangle in the thinner parts. When building the prototype, I made a note of how many squares needed to be in the large part so you can evenly divide the number of rectangles so it's symmetrical all the way around.

by: Anonymous

Could you please send instructions and details with more pictures to me? This is a great costume and I want to create it this year. Email is Thanks

by: NuttyLizzy

Hi Josh,

Love your costume and want to make it for this Halloween. I understand I am pressed on time and would like to know what you did as far as making the hat and body proportionate to each other. Please email me with details or post information here. Your costume rocks!!

mr. peanut
by: puzzleladie

I would love to see more pictures of the making of this costume i am working on my costume for next year. thanks my email is

very nice job!!
by: Lucie

If you still read your comments I have MANY questions like = I would like to have more pictures please & how did you get in & out of that? The suspenders with socks how are they attached? Is one coat of papier mache is enough?
Thks for your respond at =

by: Shonda

I love this! I have a ton more questions too! If you are still getting these messages, I would love to have more pics and detail.

by: Debra H

We have a friend named Peanut that is celebrating his 50th. Would be fun to show up in this costume. How many layers of paper mache? any more pics?

Awesome Idea for School Project ***Please Help***
by: Luis

Hello! Awesome costume. We're working on a project for our 2nd graders and would love if you could send me the instructions on how to build it. Please email me the instructions at Luis2201[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

Please send details
by: Debby

Love your costume, I would love to make it. Please send any detail you can, I need all the help I can get. dhatfield2009[at]

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