As usual, my ideas always start with this website. Then, I just twerk the idea to work for me and my daughter!

I had my mother-in-law make the potatoes out of brown satin fabric. She used elastic to make it bunch around the bottoms. Then we bought Styrofoam balls for the eyes, cut them in half and covered them with white fabric. For the ears, we bought Styrofoam disks, cut them in half, and wrapped them in pink fabric. We bought softer foam for the other face parts, then drew them in the shapes I wanted and cut out of the foam with an electric knife. We wrapped those all in fabric as well.

To stick them to the potato, we used Velcro, which was fun because you could move the face parts around. I used clown shoes from a previous costume, and bought the big white character hands online (for about $12) to complete my outfit.

We wore white long sleeves tops, and leggings we already had.