This is our Monsters INC costume. Our son was Sully (purchased costume), our daughter was Boo dressed in the monster suit, and our unborn daughter was Mike Wazowski.

For Boo’s costume I found similar patterns of the purple snake body and grey octopus arms, white felt for the teeth, black sticky back felt for the eyes, wire, Styrofoam balls, quilt batting, white cotton fabric for the inner liner, blue fuzzy fabric for the hair and Velcro.

I measured my daughter and roughly went about cutting out a pattern. For each piece I sewed the liner, batting and purple/grey fabric together first, then assembled each piece together. The body was the easiest which was one large front piece. I copied the front pattern for the back, then cut it in half to make two back pieces. The arms were made from two separate pieces, but I could have just made one large piece that wrapped around as well. I don’t know why I didn’t, it would have been easier!

The head was the trickiest, especially since this was the first sewing project I’ve done in about 3 years. Like I said, I didn’t have a pattern, so I just guessed. I measured my daughter’s head and cut pieces as I went along to make it the size and shape I wanted. For the eyes I cut two long pieces of wire and wrapped half of it with the sticky back felt, then cut out two large circles for the back of the eyes and two small circles for the front. I cut a slit in the top of the head where I wanted each eye to be and slid the unwrapped portion of each wire in between the top fabric and batting, then sewed down each side from the top of the head to the neck to keep the wire in place.

For the hair I cut a few squares of blue fabric, layered and spaced them out, then sewed them all together. After I sewed the bunch onto the head, I cut strips to make the hair. Finally I used sticky back Velcro and stuck one long strip to each back piece to close it.

For Mike Wazowski I used an old green tank top, felt and hot glue. I cut the very top of the tank top off so the rest would just fit on my belly. Laid it flat on a table and cut out each piece of the face and hot glued each piece to the shirt.