If you are a Milwaukee Brewer fan you know that one of the best parts of going to a game is watching the Racing Sausages take the field. A couple of our friends are huge Brewer fans and we came up with the idea of making Racing Sausage costumes for Halloween this year. I started with chicken wire as the frame, reinforced it with some dowels on the sides and circles of heavy gauge wire to keep it from collapsing inward. The outer body is made out of felt which is pretty cheap and easy to work with. I drafted patterns out of newspaper, and after some trial and error figured out the proportions and put the bodies together. Most of the body is sewn together but some is hot glued on. The hats are made from felt as well, except the chef hat which is a cotton broadcloth, and they attach to the bodies with velcro. There are straps inside to hold the costume up which I could adjust to get the face opening at the right height to see out of.

We had a great time wearing these out and about, even did some racing of our own in them! I can\’t tell you how many people asked to take their pictures with us as though we were the real racing sausages, it was great fun! And walking into a room dressed as a 7 foot tall racing sausage definitely gets people\’s attention!