This Medusa and her Stone Victim couple costume is a great costume idea for a couple.

My mom had always told me that my hair would be prefect for Medusa because my curls could be snakes, so two years ago I chose to be Medusa for Halloween! I went out with my mother and we found this dress at a thrift store. We tarnished the bottom of the dress with gold spray paint. I found a gold snake in my dress up toys, and wrapped it around my arm. My mother and I then cut up some rubber snakes and super glued them to a headband; I threw my hair up around the headband so all you could see was the snakes coming out! The day of the Halloween dance my friend’s mother painted another snake up my arm and one running down my face, I wore long fake eyelashes and dark makeup.

My friend that year did not know what he wanted to be for Halloween, so I suggested he could be my stone victim and where all grey! When I showed up at the dance that night he had spray painted himself entirely grey from head to toe with normal spray paint! I would suggest to anyone who would like to do this costume to use body paint instead…its much safer.

Everyone loved our Medusa and Victim costume, when we paraded around for the “costume contest” at our high school my victim and I made sure the judges saw me staring at him with my evil “Medusa” eyes, and him standing frozen scared like a statue. We won best couples costume!