I wore a red top hat, white shirt, red bow tie, black shorts and tights with black high heels.

I made a puppet handle out of black pipe cleaners. I used a bunch of pipe cleaners bundled together. Then I took another pipe cleaner and wrapped it around the bundle to make it sturdier. I did this three times, one to go into the hat, and two to go across it as the handle (in the shape of an x or a plus sign)

Then I cut a small hole in the top hat and poked the pipe cleaners through. Then I tied white string to the handles and attached them to my wrists and shoes. I held my hands straight at my sides to make sure the string was long enough- before I tied it to my wrist.

I used black face makeup to draw the lines from the corners of my lips to the bottom of my face. I also used creamy pink blush to make rosy cheeks.

Once I was put together – I had a blast!