Hi there, I was so made up with how this Marge Simpson Costume turned out and it went down a storm at the fancy dress party I went to.

So here’s a little bit about how I put the costume together…. first I purchased a Zentai second skin suit in yellow. Not the most practical item to wear to a party but I did modify it to allow me to go to the loo easily! I made the dress out of some green material that I already had, its just a simple strapless shift dress with a zip at the back. I made the eyes from 4.5 cm diameter polystyrene balls, that I purchased from a local craft shop, which I cut in half, made a hole through with a pencil and colored around the hole in black felt tipped pen. I then fitted the eyes into a pair of wire rimmed glasses, didn’t even need to glue as the fit was so perfect.

I spray painted some pearl beads that I already had in red and finished off the whole outfit with a Marge Simpson wig bought off the internet, yellow face paint and high red shoes.

I hope you like my costume, thanks for looking.