First of all, this Marge Simpson costume was inspired by the others I found on this website. So all the instructions will pretty much be the same or a combination of those.

The dress is just a piece of cotton stitched and hemmed with elastic at the top. The necklace is constructed from foam balls painted with two coats of craft paint and strung on a thin wire.

This was very cheap and light-weight, looked great. The shoes I found at the local dollar store for 75% off, they cost me $1.80. The shoes were originally purple polka dot, but I painted over them with 2 coats of craft paint.

The hair was the most difficult part of this costume. It’s a poster board rolled into a long cylinder and made to fit my head with notches for my ears. Then we used hot glue to wrap it in batting. Then I used hot glue to stick clumps of fiber fill material all over the batting until there were no holes. Next I teased it like real hair! As for the blue hair, five cans of blue hair spray wasn’t enough!! You can see that I ran out of paint and that’s why there is white around my face.

At the last minute I got back on this website and checked to see how I needed to draw Marge’s eyes and that’s when I noticed the picture and description with the Styrofoam eyes! So, my eyes aren’t perfect because we were running out of time, but basically my husband cut one Styrofoam ball in half, cut out the center so I could see and colored around it with a black sharpie. We found some white pipe cleaners and colored them with a black sharpie, then hot glued everything onto an old pair of glasses that we popped the lenses out of. My husband covered the rest of the rim pieces with white material.

I’m sure we could have done a little better if we would have had the proper materials and time, but I really feel that these eyes helped make the costume. I hope this helps someone out there make an awesome Marge costume. It was a big hit at my party and I won an award for most outrageous costume!