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Coolest Marge Simpson Costume 7

by Haley S.
(Houston, TX)

Simpsons Costume

Simpsons Costume

The wig was made of poster board and cotton balls then painted blue. I covered my body in yellow body/face paint. I bought the necklace and shoes on clearance. I quickly made the dress out of fleece. The eye mask was the most important part and the most challenging (even though this Marge Simpson costume was a breeze to put together).

We bought Styrofoam balls and hollowed them out, cut eye holes, hot glued black pipe cleaners for eyelashes, then glued them to a piece of thin fabric. From there we cut the fabric to have a 2 - 3 inch overhang around the Styrofoam.

I cut out the fabric from the center of the eyes (so I could see). Then, we layered several layers of liquid latex over the fabric and Styrofoam. Once it had time to dry I pained the eyes white and used the body paint to color the rest of the mask yellow.

On the night of the party I used more liquid latex to adhere the mask to my face. This costume was very easy and cheap to make AND it got me the best costume award at the party this year!

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by: Anonymous

Thanks for the instructions, they were lots of help!

by: Jenny

I'm wondering if you have a close-up picture of the eyes/face? I'm going to be Marge & have been trying to figure out the eyes.

Marge's Eyes
by: Anonymous

I am going as Marge for Halloween this year and have been scouring the internet for ideas... I LOVE the way your eyes look. Is there any way you could provide more details or another picture of the eyes??


by: Anonymous

hi, loving your costume. I'm am trying to make one as fancy dress shop don't supply. please could you forward me a close up of your eyes. thanks

by: Anonymous

You look exactly like Marge especially with the eyes! I'm going to attempt to be Marge Simpson for Halloween.

by: Anonymous

the eyes look great, can you show me some more photos close up maybe?

the outfit is cool, i am going to a work party as Marge, can't wait to finish costume - only eyes to go! hope you can help me out with eyes. thanks

Eye Info
by: Anonymous

Im doing the same costume....for the eyes just cut a styrofoam ball in half. carve out the inside but not all the way. Then poke a hole enough so you can see through the size of a dime or a tad larger. Then buy some sheer white material before you do so make sure you can see through it. all you need is a small square enough to go over the dime size hole. glue edges of square onto front part of the foam where the hole is located. then glue to the rim of the glasses so the foam is laying on top of glasses. then add some pipecleaners for lashes. Lastly with a sharpie color a black dot for eyeovrf the sheer material but dont make it the size of the dime because you want to be able to se through eyes. the good thing bout the glasses is that you can take them off and on.

by: Joanne

just wondering what kind of liquid latex you might be referring to? Is it paint? Where do you find it?

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