So the previous year, I was a zom-bee (bee costume with zombie makeup) and I had to 1UP myself without the Mario, Luigi and Princess. My fiance and I had just started dating at the time and it was the first time I really had a significant other that wanted to do a couple costume!

We had received so many laughs and jokes about how he was a 6’6″ Caucasian guy and I am a tiny 5’5″ Asian girl. Some of the jokes included “foreign exchange student” and “mail-order bride”… the last one really hit home… mostly from laughter. I did a little bit of research and didn’t find any funny mail order bride costumes and I knew, I had to create my own.

Enter the awkward 30 minutes of the two of us raiding the local postal office trying not to be strange and or suspicious. (Note: I did use most of the envelopes/supplies afterwards for legitimate mail purposes. USPS, please don’t hate or arrest me.)

My fiance didn’t want to be the typical “nerdy guy that orders a bride” so we figured, why not go with the mail theme and make him a mailman? He had ordered the shorts on USPS and since it’s against the law to have a mailman uniform unless you’re a true mailman, we grabbed a blue button-down short-sleeved shirt from Goodwill and slapped an AirMail sticker on there. You’d be surprised how many people asked him where he got a mailman’s uniform!

My costume was far more intricate. I purchased the following: white top hat with veil, white brocade corset, white tutu, and of course, white stockings. In addition to the costume basics, I grabbed Express Mail envelopes and stickers from the Post Office. I also picked up a gigantic roll of bubble wrap and clear packing tape from the local office supply store. After applying AirMail stickers around the corset, I folded the envelopes lengthwise and placed them around the tutu skirt. I hand sewed the envelopes to the skirt so that it would pleat.

The best part of the costume, by far, was the bubble wrap train! We first created the two bottom parts of the bow that hang down, then created the two loops for either side. Using a massive amount of clear tape, we secured that together. To give it a “bow” look, we wrapped more bubble wrap around the mid-section of the bow. Securing it on too more effort and honestly, was the most uncomfortable part of the costume. I had to clear packing tape it down to the inside of the tutu skirt.

Despite it all, the mail-order bride and mailman couple costume was a wildly successful costume. Nearly all the comments we received were that it was hilarious and they thought it was an adorable couple’s costume.

I knew I had to keep it up for the next year, that’s for sure.