I love glitter and bright colors so my friend suggested I should be a magical unicorn, which was the perfect costume for me.  I got a sheer rainbow and sequin tank top as well as the white leggings on sale at Charlotte Russe. The white fur vest was from Forever21.  I also got rainbow glitter heels from Charlotte Russe, they were round toe pumps, to sort of resemble hooves.

For the horn I got a styrofoam cone at the Acmoore that I painted with teal acrylic paint and wrapped a sparkly gold ribbon around.  I attached it to my head with a rainbow ribbon that I tied in a big bow.  Making the horn was the hardest part, as the ribbon wouldn’t stick to the styrofoam because the glue wouldn’t hold, so I used a lot of tape and hoped it would last long enough.  I also got lots of little gems and stickers that I put on my face with TONS of glitter eye shadow and fake glittery eyelashes. I also made a tail out of pastel holographic colored ribbons in an array of rainbow colors which I curled and stapled together and then just stapled the whole tail to my leggings.

My favorite thing was that I highlighted the tips of my hair in tie-dye blue and pink, with temporary hair die bought at Sally Beauty.  I bought the dye in hot pink, teal, and navy blue and dyed some pieces fading from pink to blue and some fading from teal to dark blue, only problem was I still had traces of green hair a month later! Lastly, I sprayed my hair and entire body with aerosol glitter spray that you can get at the party store so that every part of my skin was sparkly! Please excuse the embarrassing photos of me dancing, but they were the only ones I had of the costume from head to toe!! This was definitely my favorite costume!!