This year I got this Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Halloween Costume Idea seeing as I am going to school for networking and all my friends are big nerds, but I wanted to do it in a cute way. So I decided to go as the Mac OS because it is the system that I am currently using and gave me the most to work with. So here is what I did

What you will need
1. Black Dress (or some kind of black outfit)
2. White Cat ears and tail
3. Sharpie
4. Apple sticker (mine came with my laptop)
5. Eyeliner (For whiskers)

Take your ears and tail and color on the spots with the sharpie (this can be kind of hard, especially if your ears and tail are a longer fur). Then put your sticker on your outfit somewhere. After that draw on some whiskers and a nose if you would like.

TADA! you are now the Mac OS!

I was I big hit at the parties that I went to this year and everyone thought it was a cool idea!