We just got married so we wanted to go as couple and we began to research 1980’s cartoons and we both agreed that this Lion-o and Cheetara from Thunder Cats Halloween Couple Costume would be an awesome idea since we both watched the cartoon as a kid. You’re not able to find these costumes anywhere so we thought this would be really creative and different.

Cheetara- Used an orange leotard and used orange arm and leg warmers as boots and slipped them through my heels. The thunder cat patch was glued onto my suit and I used mustard yellow stockings.
Wig: Teased the hell out of it and spray colored it with yellow hair spray and then used black hair color spray for the dots.

Arm Band: Orange arm warmer and brown felt
Dots: Used black eye liner.
Stick: used my broom stick from my closet.
Suit: used my husband’s blue shirt and underwear from “Under Armour” and turned the shirt inside out so you would’nt see the “Under Armour” logo.
We cut a rainbow hole and then tucked the shirt in and cut the underwear making them shorter. The white border was draping material and we glued it on.
Belt: was made with 2 thick strands of white elastic. We used blue material and glued it around the belt. We use white felt for the circle and logo and we used gold thumb tacks for the stones.
Boots: Were actually heavy blue socks. We cut the toe portion and heal portion out and slipped the shoe through and again outlined it with the white border which was draping material and we glued it on as well to match the suit.
Glove: we purchased wolf gloves and than purchased hair and glued the hair on the glove to go all the way up the arm and then used mini floor tiles for the 3 pieces on the glove.
Wig: Teased the red wig and sprayed it going back…to give it the lion effect.
Sword: Spray painted the sword grey and glued the Thundercats logo on .