This is my write up on how I went about my costume selection. After my summer trip to LEGO land in Orlando Florida with my 7 year old son, it was over for me. LEGO man was all he wanted to be for Halloween so with 2 months of planning and completing this great task between working and mommy time, I did it. Wolverine, Captian America, Flash, each character has its own distinctive look but was made the same.

Here is how I did it:

1. The head is made from Styrofoam circles, hat  boxes, poster board and screen to see out of

2. The torso and legs are made from card board boxes, duct tape, glue, and poster board

3. Hands are made from cardboard tubes, Popsicle sticks to hold, circle Styrofoam, and duct tape

4. High gloss (Mod podge) paint was the best

5. Accessories, the captain America Shield and Wolverine blades and Flash Lightning are all made from cardboard, and duct tape

This was a great experience and a lot of fun and the costumes came out looking awesome.