Materials used for this Lego Men Group Halloween Costume:

  • concrete form tube
  • duct tape,
  • plastic mech
  • zip ties,
  • hot glue,
  • trifold boards
  • suspenders
  • baseball hats.

The head was made from a 12 inch diameter concrete form tube that you get form home improvement store (ex. Lowes) and wrapped with yellow duct tape. The mouths were cut out for us to see through and covered with a plastic mesh (plastic grid we bought from Michael’s). The Lego heads rested on our heads by stuffing the top with newspaper and then hot gluing an old baseball hat on the inside. A piece of elastic was later added to the inside to act as a chin strap and hold the head on better.

Tri fold boards were used to make the tops and the legs and a combination of zip-ties and hot glue were used to hold them together. Then we used suspenders to hold the bottoms up off the ground. after assembly we painted them to our liking. We had no directions, just looked at pictures of Lego men to try and get them close to realistic as possible (with cardboard that is). Hardest part of the costume was figuring out the initial dimensions on how to do it. After we made the first one we could use those parts as templates to cut out the rest.

Everyone that we saw absolutely loved them and wanted to take pictures with us. Hope you enjoy them as well!