This Homemade Lego Boys Halloween Costume was easy and fun to make and got tons of compliments! First, find a rectangular box to fit your child. Make sure all sides are taped well. Using an exacto knife, cut out one of the side panels for feet to go through. Cut a large hole in the opposite end for the head to fit through. Next, cut arm holes in the two remaining sides. For the “pegs” I used round boxes. These can be found at any craft store.

For a larger or adult costume, use eight round boxes. I used six and it seemed to be enough. Super-glue the round boxes to the front side of the box. Then, using your color of choice, spray paint the boxes. I did three coats of glossy spray paint. Make sure to stand far enough away from the box so that the paint doesn’t run. Get matching sweat pants and sweatshirt, and a hat. Easy and cute!