I was a pink flamingo and my boyfriend was a garden gnome- the Travelocity gnome to be exact.  My costume was pink boas sewed to cover a shirt skirt.  I didn’t want to wear a mask because I wear glasses, so I took a cheap eye mask and covered the eye holes to make them look like eyes with eye lashes.  I cut the horn from a cheap devils headband and painted and tuned it to look like the back.  Glued it to the mask and wore it on my forehead so I could be comfortable.

I wore a pink t shirt, black leggings, and some leg warmers.  Super comfie.  The gnome was very easy.  I took some fleece and made an easy robe- no hems- with my sewing machine.  Made a large belt/buckle to keep it closed.  I then made a big cone out of poster board and tape covered it in red felt.  Added a white curly wig!