As always…lady’s first.  “Primrose Everdeen.”  and that’s when it happened, I couldn’t resist, Prim, did she really say Prim?  And then out of nowhere……”I volunteer!…I volunteer as tribute.”

That’s where it all began, my journey to the Capitol for a costume.  OK, OK, really, it was a trip to Wal-Mart, but judging by most people seen in Wal-Mart, I would say I wasn’t that far fetched in claiming it as the capitol.  The Katniss Everdeen costume is fairly simple really.  Black shirt, rain jacket, cargo pants and some boots, accessorized with the side braid.  Oh, and the mocking jay pin of course.  Found this pin in a Halloween store, relatively inexpensive.

But what would the Hunger Games be without Effie Trinket?  Effie can be created from bright colored business suit attire (which is totally in fashion right now and shouldn’t be hard to find).  Curl the hair nice and tight and throw in a vibrant flower from a craft store.  Then grab a makeup brush and paint your face to Effie perfection.  Oh, I just love that. We decided to throw Katniss’ mom in the mix so we found a dress from a secondhand store and threw it on.  Plus it doubles as a “sister wife” costume too.  After the costumes are created, it is off to the games.

I would say District 12 was well represented this year.