I’ve always had a long tongue and for years people said I should dress up as Gene Simmons.  In 2010, I finally did.  I wanted to make the costume myself but only had a day to do so.  With some luck, a “build wings” tutorial found online, one pair of (incredibly uncomfortable but totally worth it) boots, and some dollar store hunting, the costume came together and I got rave reviews on it.

The face was done using an eyeliner pen for the outline and simple white and black creme makeup.  The pants are actually black long johns.  The “codpiece” is a black thong with stick on jewels from Michael’s.  I got the sequined shirt at Express years ago and wore a black A-frame shirt underneath.  The arm, leg, and shoulder pieces are part of a gladiator costume.  I found the studded suspenders at the dollar store.  The “monster faces” on the boots are styrofoam dinosaur masks that I found at a the dollar store and spray painted silver, coloring the eyes with a red sharpie once dry.  I borrowed those 9 1/2 inch stiletto heel boots from a friend and put the monster pieces on the outside of them.

As a side note: I do not suggest boots this tall as they really were painful to wear all night. My favorite part, the wings, are an umbrella cut in half and safety pinned to the shirt.  The tongue is all mine, hah!  I had so much fun making this costume and even more fun wearing it.